Norgesguidene (the Norwegian Guides)

Norgesguidene specializes in Norwegian Mountain adventures whith traditional mountaineering as the main focus. Our staff of ten highly qualified Mountain Guides has an extensive knowledge of the nooks and crannies of the long coastal mountain range that constitutes the Norwegian back bone. We are skilled in putting together adventurous activities that are taylor made for any small group or individual. If you want your own specialized mountain experience in Norway - please contact us!


The Glaciers of Norway, from the biggest glacier in mainland Europe, the Jostedalsbre Glacier to the smaller alpine glaciers of Jotunheimen is a dominant feature of the landscape today, and...


The Norwegian landscape is predominantly defined by one of the worlds longer mountain ranges, part of the so-called caledonian range. All along the coast from well south of Bergen to...


There is a couple of things that makes Norway in a league of its own in regard to skiing; the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic that keeps the temperature...



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